Ladyboy Librarian Fantasy

ladyboyplayerWith her blue spectacles pretty ladyboy China inspires the proverbial sexy librarian fantasy except she also has a big hairy dick hidden under her dress. This tall and slim sweetie shows she knows how to model in her short shirt dress with white underwear peeking out below. She has nice rhythm in the video shaking her booty and hips as she strips to her white and pink bikini underwear. She has a slim sexy torso and a nice flat small nippled chest which is adorned with two very different looking necklaces. She is a petite girl but when she pulls her panties down she reveals her surprisingly large and hairy dink. She continues to dance and her hard dick bounces about until she grabs her rod and begins to stroke. She then sits down and spreads her legs and asks the viewers if they want to see her big huge cock blow a load. Over on all fours she looks back at us while she spreads her hairy poo pussy and then inserts a ringed finger as her hard dick curves down below. Now very horny she rolls back over strokes her lovely penis until it erupts in milky cum which she smears all over her bushy pubes, still hard cock and stomach.

Photographer’s comments: I’ve seen China before, she came as chaperone. Now it’s her moment, so I told her to give her best shot. She was not shy at all, but confessed to cum very little. She told me it has been like that ever since. Overall, it was still nice working with her. No qualms with Viagra either. Unfortunately, she will only allow ass fucking by man. Needless to say, she gets excited when I told her about the hardcore shoot in the future.

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Dazzling ladyboy in raunchy black net bodystocking

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Yes ma’am Miss Pam! I have a growing obsession for bodystockings and my new crotchless suit is my favourite! I love to wear it to school, when I’m out shopping, or even just walking in the street, it makes me feel so naughty, but so very nice. I drive men crazy – they love it. They stare at me in the street thinking dirty thoughts, throwing me over the bed and spreading my legs… I love the sheerness and smooth fit of the seamless fishnet material against my large meaty thighs and huge firm breasts. I love the open crotch, giving total ease of access to my smooth wanting ass and leaving my cock free to harden up, ready for playtime, waiting for you to cum fuck me..

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Ladyboy in tight fitting bikini and lacy stockings

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It’s time to get to know me better and get up close and very personal.. Being a nympho attention seeker, I love to dress up in naughty, revealing outfits, tight fitting garments that show off my tall, firm figure, just like this tight rubber bikini. But most importantly, some sexy lingerie is always a must, and you’ll rarely find me out of some lacy stockings or silky see-thru panties and bras.. And whilst you’re watching me rolling around on my bed, putting dirty thoughts in my head, let me introduce you to another one of my hobbies – sex toys!.. Actions speak louder than words, so I’ll show you what I get up to when I’m alone with my glass beaded vibrator..

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Cream is her name hot cum facial is her game :) This is a ladyboy that loves it in all position. A sexy Asian that loves ass pounding and can play a cock flute like a professional. Then she waits impatiently for you to unload it all over her face and tits. What I great way to end a wild and hot fuck!

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Cam Model Cummer

ladyboyplayerThis cute cam model came dressed in a short sparkly miniskirt and billowy open necked leopard print blouse which shows off her slim sexy waist and hips. She has engaging dark eyes and a great smile with big red lips that she often licks so they look wet. She slowly strips to her lavender bikini which reveals her svelte body. Her top can’t seem to contain her small hormone tits so she rips this off and has some fun with her tiny red nipples. This gets her going so she starts to rub her crotch which soon bulges revealing floppy balls out the sides of her bottoms. As these come off she fingers her boy pussy and then her cock comes out long and hard. She wants something bigger in her ass and obliges with a long green luckyass before settling down for a good dick stroking. As she cums the gooey juice makes her big shedick glisten and she finishes the set by filling a cup with pee.

Incredible Asian ladyboys that love to masturbate until they shoot cum for the camera

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Bang My Ass!

Apple is a 18 year old student. Hopefully none of her classmates ever visit this site because they have no idea that she’s a shemale! She’s dated 3 guys in her school, and neither of them have figured out her little secret. This tranny is the full package – Great face, tight ass, gives great head, and loves riding cock! Join Now And See Apple Get Down!


Big cock ladyboy looking sexy in red

Fanta has smooth, beautiful white skin, dark exotic eyes and an enormous fat cock that begs to be licked and sucked slowly by those who serve her. She is one of the “Big Dick” girls in Bangkok and she’s here at milking every drop of cum out of her massive she-cock, just for you. If you love a giant cock on a stunning Asian T-girl, Fanta is for you!

Barley Legal Ladyboy

ladyboyplayerFemboy lovers like very young and skinny girls with huge dicks and Kim fits this profile perfectly. Some guys like petite girls but others like the tall and impossibly thin girls as this is usually very telling about their penis size. Modeling in her pink polka dot dress Kim is a natural with her great smile and offbeat pretty face. She has darker skin than most Filipinos and her slender slims have nice muscle definition. Peeling the top part of her dress to her waist she bares her pigeon chest and we try to imagine how she would look with a nice set of plastic tits. Dress off she is wearing only her white string bikini bottoms which droop down at the crotch from the weight of something heavy revealing the top of her dark pubes. Knowing what we want but making us wait she teases by turning and baring her beautiful ass but then shocks us when she faces the front. For what has sprang from the overtaxed piece of cloth is a long fat sausage dick. She is clearly proud of her hard vein laden monster cock and hirsute lovers will be happy to see she has kept a nice bush of pubes. Pushing her bottoms down more we also see she has a huge sagging nutsack which we get a great look at from behind along with her sweet fuckable boy pussy. Laying back she is a sight to behold with her slim muscled torso, long limbs and of course her giant dick and balls. She does not disappoint as she begins to pump her meat pole until she empties those magnificent balls of gooey jizz.

Photographer’s comments: At a first glance I knew Kim is young barely legal. I was already preparing myself for a complex shoot since judging from my own experience, working with young model eats a lot of time. They are shy, shy and nothing but shy. But as soon as the music played and video starts running, she moves better than experienced model I have handle. I learned that she loves dancing and the strip tease session helped her feel more relaxed. Then came the real problem, she doesn’t want to take Viagra. I told her the benefits but didn’t force her to take the pill. Luckily, professionalism prevails over her fear.

Incredible Asian ladyboys that love to masturbate until they shoot cum for the camera.

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