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New model Marnel gets it on with Richard who if you prefer femboys has a better body and bigger cock than her. After they kiss and get undressed it takes some effort for her to take his big dick in her ass. But like all horny ladyboys she willingly bends over and takes it like a man. She then enjoys kissing his fat pink head while he squirts cum on her lips.

Marnel got to model for me by chance. I have to cancel the shoot of her friend because of a very visible bruise on the ass and Marnel readily offered herself. I thought one thing that push her to do it is money, I later found out she got a long time crush on Richard, her hardcore partner.

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Fascinating shemale looks incredibly sexy in the bath

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Tonight I got dressed as a cute, sexy little angel, and am hoping you’ll join me for a nice romantic bath with this bottle of champagne. The mood is right, and you’ll be hard as a rock as I slowly remove every item of clothing from my smooth, ebony body. As I pour the champagne over my cock, the bubbles felt so good that I got nice and hard. Now I want you to lick that champagne off me while I fondle my cute hairless balls with my long, sexy red nails…

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Naughty tranny showing off in tight fitting lycra

I like to keep my body tight and firm! Working-out is also an excuse to slip on tight lycra and show off my sexy curves, it stretches over my hard ass and exposes my huge fanny bulge.. giggle.. I start with stretches. I bend over and touch my toes, then lay back and spread my legs nice and wide, it always helps if someone’s watching.. It’s important to give every muscle a full work-out, but most people don’t realize the cock is also a muscle! I save that work-out to the end of my routine. So when I’m nice and sweaty, I strip off to just my heels, exposing my shaved balls and smooth asshole, and I slide my hard cock into the penis pump. I like to end with a bang!

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Lusty ladyboy putting on her very own x-rated show

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Did you know, I used to be a showgirl for a famous ladyboy cabaret show? I still love to dress up in my stage costumes and show off my body, although now I prefer the shows to be XXX rated!.. Cum watch me dancing in my tasselled panties and bra, 5 inch black stilettos, feathered head gear and platinum blonde wig. But be warned, this isn’t your ordinary every day cabaret show, with me it’s ALL or nothing, and the more revealling and kinky the better! I’ll do whatever it takes to get you hard and horny, I’ll strip off down to my heels, fuck all kinds of stuff in my tight ass and stroke my large lady dick. And I won’t let you leave without cuming with me first!

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Horny ladyboy Namtan gives her branded throat job

On a hot and sweaty day, Double O finds himself playing prince charming to the delectable dick thirsty Namtan in a local supermarket. Damsel in-need-of-cock Namtan insists 00 comes back to her pad for a cool shower in return for his expert opinion on her new skimpy lingerie.. Knowing actions speak louder than words, it isn’t long before the hosiery is on the deck and 00 and the cock-o-holic Namtan are going at it like a pair of rabbits on Viagra.

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What else could a horny ladyboy do at home alone than masturbating? As she was playing with her dildo and she was sitting in it a guy interrupted her, but it wasn’t really and interruption; he joined Bun in the fun and he sucked her hard cock and fucked her pussy! Fuck Bun’s pussy and suck her cock with the guy and join them to make the fun more fun!

Mona Lisa Smile

ladyboyplayerWell it doesn’t take a genius to see what is wrong with these pictures; the model isn’t smiling! Despite our prompting including smiling back and using the Thai word for smile, yim, poor Mona couldn’t manage even a smirk. Fortunately the set is redeemed by this tall sexy ladyboy who showed up looking kind of elfish in her cloak like brown dress and riding boots. Her long straight brown hair falls well past her bare shoulders one of which sports a tattoo on the back of two dolphins happily playing with a ball. Her expression does not change from her toothy gape as she sits on the bed and her dress hikes up so we can see a bulge in her red panties. She doesn’t look ecstatic but still slips her dress down first revealing a strapless bra and then her tummy and finally her tight triangular briefs with wisps of pubic hair sticking out the top. Her mood does not appear to change even though she rolls over to show us her ass crack with the red string unable to contain her large balls sack. Her apparent gloom continues as she removes her bra to reveal large dark puffy nipples on small hormone tits. At least we are happy when she slips off her undies and we see her bushy brown pubes and chubby soft shedick. For our enjoyment only she strokes her curving hooded cock hard and pumps at it until it squirts a huge load of milky cum as she stares at it with a self satisfied scowl.

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Oil – the three-legged ladyboy!


Some sexy and well hung ladyboys in this hot update! Innocent looking ladyboy Maggie is a slim tgirl with a sexy, smooth and well toned body, and a rock hard cock! Phillipina ladyboy Mitch has a hot slim body and a thick cock that gets rock hard, she masturbated until she came all over her stomach! Horny Bangkok ladyboys Anna and Natty enjoy some hardcore sex in this hot scene. Both tgirls have sexy hard cocks and they used their tools to fuck each other. In the end they both came bucketfuls of cum on Natty! Pattaya ladyboy Oil is a sexy, cute and very well hung ladyboy! This hot Asian shemale has a huge cock that gets rock hard! Asian transsexual Pang has a sexy well built body and a large uncut cock that she loves to use! This horny ladyboy loves sex! Enjoy!

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