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ladyboyplayerTamara returns with her huge dick this time to showing her dominant side with her fuck buddy Brian. Looking slutty on the bed with her bright red lipstick and matching lingerie she bares her bikini topped torso. She is joined by her beau Brian and they kiss before she strips him and goes to work on his cock with her mouth. Removing her underwear she makes several attempts at pulling his dick in her ass. He seems only to respond to her wet mouth and by know her much larger dong is fat and hard. She decides to teach him a lesson by plowing her thick crotch meat into his ass. This has the desired effect and Brian ends the session by jerking his load on her face.

Photographer’s comments: My initial schedule was to have Tamara and her boyfriend do the hardcore. They came very early, about an hour early so they waited for me. For unknown reason, Tamara’s boyfriend just backed out and she can’t do anything to make him continue the shoot. So when I came, it took us about 4 hours in the coffee shop while she calls friends, ex lovers, ex boyfriend, etc so we can continue the shoot. I told her its better to just cancel the shoot but she claimed to have come from the province and very much in need of money for her sick dad. To make the long story short, Brian, an ex lover came to the rescue. But he complained of such short notice. Maybe that’s the reason why he had such a very hard time getting hard on. In the end, he suggested Tamara fuck him instead.

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