Sexy Name Stutter

ladyboyplayerThe name of this tall slim sexy and yet another Ladyboy Player femboy exclusive is the sound you make when you first lay eyes on her: Ar Ar. This statuesque vision of beauty is used to making men stutter her name. At first we are speechless as she leans back against the wall in her lime green top and short shorts. But the R’s begin to roll off our tongue as she slips her top down to reveal her pink bra and shapely bare waist. She has a faraway look as she removes her bra to reveal her flat chest and small brown nipples. As she slowly wriggles down her bottoms we first get peek at her trimmed brown pubes and then the top of a fat hard cock which goes sproing when freed. It’s no surprise that this stunning girl has a gorgeous body which she poses for maximum effect. But the fact that she also has a beautiful uncut dick and balls is almost too much for the mind to take in. As she jerks her hard meat until it squirts an exquisite load of cum on the pine board we wonder why she isn’t called Ar to the power of 10.

Photographers Comments: Ar Ar, like my other models are quiet when we made the shoot. And she remains like that until the time we’re done with the shoot. She won’t smile and will not talk. When we’re done doing her solo, that’s the time she started throwing questions to me, like – will the video be available in the Philippines? Does the Ladyboy Player site have Filipino subscriber, etc. And then I’ve learned why she was not so comfortable with the shoot. It was her first time to be shot in video and camera plus… she’s so shy of her uncut dick.

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